Born 14th April 1904, in London, Sir John (Arthur) Gielgud is considered as one of the greatest ambassadors (with Sir Laurence Olivier) of English (and Shakespearean in particular) theatre..

Sir John, the grandnephew of the English actress Ellen Terry, made his acting debut in 1921 at the Old Vic Theatre, London after studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art ; Brett followed a similar path as, after two years at the Library Theatre, Manchester (1954-1955), he, too, starred at Old Vic 1, in 1956.

Both actors were also well appreciated in States ; for the first time in 1928 for Gielgud, and in 1957 for Brett, Winter Garden, New-York2.

It is interesting to note that both Gielgud and Brett earned the title of Most Promising Actor with the same role, the part of the «sweet prince» Hamlet, the former in 1929 for the Old Vic Company, and the later in 1961 at the Strand Theatre, London.

However their careers became diverging : Brett‘s career taking off on television, which began to become very popular in the mid 1950s ; Whereas Gielgud, as with Olivier, was always keen to direct3. He directed many plays, including «Richard II» in which he also played the title role, «Hamlet» (with Richard Burton), in New York, 1964, and was the director of the repertory season of 1937-38 at the Queen’s Theatre (London) and again in 1944-45 at the Haymarket Theatre (London). He was knighted in 1953 and received the Order of Merit from HRH Queen Elizabeth II in 1996.

Gielgud was not overly found of contemporary plays, preferring the classical writers such as Richard Brinsley Sheridan («School for Scandal»), Oscar Wilde («The important of Being Earnest», Anton Chekhov («The Seagull») and of course William Shakespeare ( for example touring the world in «Ages of Man », 1959 ; a solo recital of passage of Shakespeare). However in the 1970’s he took contemporary roles in plays as «Home» de David Storey (1970) et «Veterans» de Charles Wood (1972). 

He appeared also on TV and in numerous films, even if he was quite suspicious about cinema. We can quote, for example (see the filmography at the end of the newsletter) : S. Maugham’s «The Secret agent» (1936) directed by Alfred Hitchcock, «Romeo and Juliet» (1954) directed by Renato Castellani4, «Murder by Decree» (1979), «Arthur» (1981) for which he won the Academy Award for best supporting role, «The Elephant Man» (1980) with Anthony Hopkins (in correct clothes, this time !!!!), «Ghandi» (1982) with Ben Kinsley, «Prospero’s Book» (1991), «Gulliver's Travels» with Peter O‘Toole (1996), «Looking for Richard» (1996), and « Elisabeth » (1998) .

In recent years Gielgud lived in semi-retirement in a beautiful 17th century home with splendid gardens, which he shared with his long-time companion Martin Hensler, a gardener and landscape architect, with whom he lived for over forty years.

Gielgud died at the age of 96, on 21st May 2000, about a year after his companion, and was cremated at oxford on 1st June. He was one of those men who, when one asks the secret of their great old age, answer with lot of humour that «they never dieted or exercised, smoked furiously and enjoyed drinking wine». He caused also «controversy at his 90th birthday celebration by admitting to Hello! Magazine that he doesn’t understand Shakespeare properly» .

Gielgud’s writings about his life and his work are numerous : his autobiography Early Stages (1938; rev. ed., 1976); Stage Directions (1963), a collection of speeches and essays; Distinguished Company (1972), detailing some of his «youthful enthusiasms» for stars of stage and screen; an amply illustrated memoir, Gielgud: An Actor and His Time, with John Mills and John Powell (1980); and Shakespeare: Hit or Miss? (1991; also published as Acting Shakespeare, 1992), with John Miller, reminiscences and observations on his Shakespeare acting and directing.


Gielgud starred with Brett on a recording of «The Life and Death of King Richard II» made in 1960. Sir John played Richard II, Brett was Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk. Edward Hardwicke starred too but we don’t know what was his role (does anybody known it ?).

Notes :  

1- In the roles of : Patroclus («Troilus and Cressida»), Malcom («Macbeth»), Paris («Romeo and Juliet») and the duke of Aumerle («Richard II»).

2- In the roles of : Patroclus («Troilus and Cressida»), Malcom («Macbeth»), Paris («Romeo and Juliet»). An Old Vic company tour

3- But Brett directed the play «The Tempest», where he played Prospero (1982, Stratford Festival, Ontario).

4- A Technicolor film, shot in Italy. Costumes and decors was made by the painter Leonor Fini. Laurence Harvey was Romeo, Susan Shental played Juliet, and Gielgud played the chorus.

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"When you're my age, you just never risk being ill - because then everyone says, 'Oh, he's done for.'" - Sir John Gielgud at 84

"Like all professions acting has terrible drawbacks. It can be fearfully boring, fearfully unglamorous...But what is fun about the theatre is that we get our prizes while we are alive to enjoy them. We have the pleasure of the audience's reaction, we have the applause, we have the publicity, we have the tribute and the honours and whatever it may be. Much more than we probably deserve."

(To Richard Burton on seeing Burton's first Hamlet) "I'll come back and see it when you're better."



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Notable TV guest appearances

1.  "Lovejoy" (1986) playing "Lord Wakering" in episode: "Lost Colony, The" (episode # 5.14) 12/26/1993

2.  "Inspector Morse" (1987) playing "Lord Hinksey" in episode: "Twilight Of The Gods" (episode # 7.3) 1/20/1993

3.  "Tales of the Unexpected" (1979) playing "Jelks" in episode: "Neck" (episode # 1.6) 4/28/1979

4.  "Second City TV" (1976) playing "Himself" in episode: "Crosswords" (episode # 1.4) 1976

5.  "DuPont Show of the Month, The" (1957) in episode: "Browning Version, The" 4/23/1959

Tony award, 1961
Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Mini-series, 1981.
Grammy Award winner for The Ages of Man, 1979
Grammy Award nominee for No Man's Land, 1982
Grammy Award nominee for Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, 1983
Grammy Award nominee for Gulliver, 1986
Grammy Award nominee for A Christmas Carol, 1988
Grammy Award nominee for Alice in Wonderland, 1989