Sponsors and volunteers…

We are seeking donations (in kind or cash) from sponsors, especially for :

the smooth running of the association :

- Computer supplies : ZIP, CDR, and cartridges and papers for inkjet printer.

- A good portable, a second printer and a graveur CD.

- We search also for a firm around Nantes (France) which want to change their photocopier and which would agree to give their old one to the JBSF.

- A room, at Nantes (France), where to move, in order to expand.


For our publication quality improvement :

- A DTP (desktop publishing) software better than Publisher, like Quark XPress or Adobe InDesign 1.5.

- Photoshop software.

- A better création de site web software : Dreamweaver.

We search for bilingual volunteers (French-English) to help us in the translation of the JBSF publication (newspapers and booklets)

Volunteers having knowledge in DTP and computer graphics works, to help us in the running of the JBSF web site and in some other computer works.

All other kind of help will be welcome : helping in the making of photocopies, putting the newspapers in envelopes… (if you live at Nantes or around) or helping in research, and writing of articles or news…(by mail or email).