By this petition we want to convince specialised companies to release (or, concerning some films, the re-release) the following cinema and TV films starring Jeremy Brett .

The Very Edge

The Good Soldier

One Deadly Owner

Haunted, The Ferryman

The Seagull Island

Those films had been already released on video, but are not available anymore.


-The Ghost Sonata

-The Picture of Dorian Gray (1963)

-The Lost Stradivarius

-Classic theatre : The Rivals

-The series of the BBC "A play of the month", including with Brett : An Ideal Husband (1970), School For Scandal (1975), Love's Labour Lost (1975), The picture of Dorian Gray (1976).

Speaking of that series it would be extremely interesting to contact the BBC and ask them which theatre plays (titles and list of actors) they have been broadcasting during those years. I think that some of them were shootings, or adaptations for TV, of plays performed by the National Theatre Company, i.e. with great actors and actresses as Laurence Olivier, Derek Jacobi, Robert Stephens, Edward Hardwicke, Maggie Smith, Joan Plowright, etc. on the play cast.

If you are interested to buy one or some of those title, please sign this petition.

In some months a big file will be sent to different companies. If we are numerous to be interested, some companies, seeing a financial interest, will perhaps agree to release some of this films on video.

Films as The Ghost Sonata are irremediably lost, destroyed by the production channel. We must avoid to others films to have the same destiny !



Thank you for complete this petition...

I would be interested in the reprint of one or several of the following films :


First name  



"The Very Edge" "The Good Soldier" "One Deadly Owner"
"Haunted, The Ferryman"  "The Seagull Island" « Rebecca »
" The Ghost Sonata " " The Picture of Dorian Gray " (1963)  

"School For Scandal" (1975) 

" The Lost Stradivarius"   « Classic theatre : "The Rivals". » "An Ideal Husband" (1970) 
"Love's Labour Lost" (1975)   "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (1976).  

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