updated the 10th July 2002

July 2002.

13rd-14th July : The british Film Institute-Close Up On Sherlock Holmes.

13th and 14th July will be organised an holmesian TV-Film-Theatre event, at London : meeting with actors and crew members of the Murder Rooms team, the serie inspired by the real-life relationship between the pioneering forensic pathologist Dr Joseph Bell and medical student Conan Doyle ; the David Stuart Davies' theatre play Sherlock Holmes, The Last Act, with Roger Llewellyn as Holmes ; the broadcasting of the Hound of the Baskervilles of 1921, with Eille Norwood as Holmes.

And Brett, could you ask me ? Well, nothing about his performance except a photo of his Holmes illustating the BFI web site...

Another thing to note : a tribute to John Thaw with, the 14th, the broadasting of the film The Sweeney.

For more informations, the BFI website

June 2002.


19 June : Robert Aubry Davis, knight of the order of Arts and Letters.

It is with a great pleasure that we annonce you that the American Journalist Robert Aubry Davis will be made knight of the order of Arts and Letters by the American minister of the culture.

Mr. Davis had the kindness to share with us his joy and pride in sending a email to annonce to us this great news.

Mr. Davis is the man by whom we have been succesful to restaure in CD, so to save, the one hour radio interview he made of Jeremy Brett in 1991.

We are very, very happy for this great journalist who deserve this title. Mr. Davis is well known for his "Desert Island Discs" program and also for Millennium of Music et Songs for Aging Children, currently both broadcasted on WETA radio 90.9

More info...

May 2002.

*17 may : Lecture with slides about Granada TV series Sherlock Holmes.

JBSF lecture with slides, at the British library Book in Bar, 1bis rue Cabassol à Aix-en-Provence, Friday 17 may at 5.30 PM ; free entrance. The theme of the lecture is : Canonical fidelity of Granada Tv series Sherlock Holmes with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle texts.

More info about the lecture ... (in French).


April 2002.

* Sunday 14th et Thursday 18th April : Anthony Hopkins on French TV...

Mask of Zorro is broadcasted on French TV chanel TF1, Sunday 14th april at 8.50 Pm and Meet Joe Black is broadcasted, on French TV chanel France3, Thursday 18th april, at 8.55 PM.


March 2002.

* Gosford Park at French cinema.

The 20 march, meet Maggie Smith, Derek Jacobi, Charles Dance and Stephen Fry.

* Death of the British actor John Thaw.

The British actor John Thaw, the extraordinary inspector Morse and the unforgetable Jonathan Small of the Granada TV serie Sherlock Holmes episode the sign of four is dead the 21st february 2002, at 60 because of a throat cancer.

We will pay tribute to him in a next newspaper

Another great actor who passed away...

* 9 mars : Journée Sherlock Holmes à Asnières.

La mairie d'Asnières sur seine organise en partenariat avec la SSHF une journée holmésienne. La JBSF a été invité à ce rendez-vous ; vous aurez donc la possibilité de rencontrer lors de cette journée un des responsables de la JBSF, Séverine, qui se fera un plaisir de partager avec vous son intérêt pour la série britannique Sherlock Holmes produite Granada TV. Voir le programme de cette journée...

* Exposition "La série Sherlock Holmes de Granada TV" à Asnières-sur-seine.

Exposition sur la série britannique Sherlock Holmes, produite par la firme Granada TV, qui apporta à Jeremy Brett, David Burke et Edward Hardwicke. Salle des mariages d'Asnières/seine (92), du 5 au 9 mars 2002. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez-içi.


15 january 2002.

* BBC release the picture of Dorian Gray and The hound of Baskervilles in DVD and video.

TV adaptation of 1976 Oscar Wilde's novel, with Jeremy Brett as Basil Hallward and John Gielgud as Henry Wooton at last in DVD and VHS.

Also in DVD and VHS The 1968 Hound of Baskervilles, with Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes.

To go to the BBC Web site, here...


6 december 2001.

* Lecture with slide about the National Theatre Company.

We have been contacted by the English Bookshop Book in Bar, 1bis rue Cabassol à Aix-en-Provence, in order to realise for them a lecture with slides for events they organise twice a month. OUr lecture will take place Friday 8th february at 6.00 PM ; its theme is The National Theatre Company under the direction of Sir Laurence Olivier, from 1963 to 1973.

more info ? click here...


* Third Sherlock Holmes DVD will be released for the 27 november 2001.

Third Sherlock Holmes DVD of MPI released the 27 November 2001. Episodes are The blue carbuncle and The copper beeches. JBSF continue its collaboration for bonus ; very interesting in this DVD, the photo gallery and a part devoted to Sidney Paget's drawing.

To know more about it, MPI site.


20 November 2001.

* The Secret Of Sherlock Holmes, story of a play.

Second publication of JBSF association, soon in English. To learn more about this anthology devoted to the story of Jeremy Paul's play, performed in London, in 1988-89, by Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke, click here (in French).


12 november 2001.


This new issue contains a tribute to Jeremy Brett. Web site : www.pmh.uk.com/sherlock


October 2001.

* Annual meeting 2001 of the JBSF.

The annual meeting of the JBSF will take place the 2,3 and 4 November. It will be devoted to the play The Secret Of Sherlock Holmes. To know more about this event, go here.

Exhibition devoted to the play The secret of Sherlock Holmes.

The JBSF will organise an exhibition about the wonderful Jeremy Paul's play The secret of Sherlock Holmes, from 5th to 10th November 2001, at "La Maison Des Associations" of Aix-en-Provence. To know more about this event, go here.

Second Sherlock Holmes DVD will be released for the 28th August 2001.

The american group MPI will release the second Sherlock Holmes DVD the 28th August 2001. The JBSF had the pleasure to collaborate for the bonus of this DVD. And the collaboration will continue for the third. To know more about this DVD, go to see MPI web site

First JSBF publication : " A thrilling Time ", an interview with Jeremy Brett.

To know more about this wonderful one-hour interview of Jeremy Brett, restored on CD and transcribed in a bilingual booklet of 80 pages. To know more about this booklet, go here.

Linda Pritchard's new Book.

A wonderful photographical tribute. Second book of Linda Pritchard. To know more about this book, go here.